New Haven Soccer Club

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Each player will be provided with a game day shirt.  

Each player will also need: soccer cleats (no front toe cleat), shin guards, socks to wear over shin guards, athletic shorts (preferably black), and their own ball.


Ball Sizes: 

U4, U6 & U8 – Size 3

U10 & U12 – Size 4

U14 and up - Size 5


If your family has soccer items in good, clean condition that your player(s) have outgrown and you would like to offer them to other players, please bring them to your first practice.  This is a great way to share within our Soccer Family.



Your child's safety is our number one concern! 


Please make sure your child comes prepared for practices and games in proper clothing and equipment. 


Shin guards must be worn at every practice and game.  No exceptions!


Jewelry and metal hair accessories are not allowed. 

Glasses should be worn with a safety strap.


Please make sure your child has a drink - preferably water. 


If you cannot be present for the practice or game, be sure the coach is aware of this.  


At no time, shall any child - player or sibling - hang or play on the soccer nets.  This is very dangerous.



Because we set our registration fee low to encourage participation, our concession stand is our biggest fundraiser.  The money raised pays for field equipment and paint, game day referees, toiletry items, end of season awards, etc…  We ask all parents and guardians to work in the concession stand or to volunteer for another job at least once during the season.  We will need volunteers for field maintenance, set-up and clean-up crews, coaches, assistant coaches, and officers.   It takes the work of many individuals, time and money to have a successful season!


We welcome all skills, resources or time you may have available to help make our season more enjoyable for the players, families and spectators of New Haven Soccer.